Ennea Tessares Hex.
A blog of things. Things that are mine. Things that I do.


This blog has been a testament to the 4+ years I have been exploring the capacity of my creativity. I make. I try. I fail. I cry. I try again.

And then I conquer.


The name's Pete. And my objective is to create.

  • So happy I went to the FNB Johannesburg Art fair yesterday #fnb #johannesburgartfair #johannesburg #art #artexhibit #paint #painting #room #light #window

  • #CyrilOma please come home with me and teach how to paint. #fnbartfair #fnb #art #painting #paint #acryllic #johannesburgartfair #johannesburg

  • "I’m not for everyone. I’m barely for me."
    Marc Maron  (via senyahearts)

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  • Late night creativity. Trying out drawing on wood. 

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  • Wood to experiment on.

  • And so begin again my critical studies class doodle-thon.

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  • Taking secrety secret pictures secret-like. 

  • Well.

    My intention of bringing more personal things to this blog has washed away with my faulty Internet connection.

    Le sigh.

  • An experimental for a personal project I’m starting. Planning on vectorising a hundred characters like this. I’m not sure about library lady’s expression but I’m super proud. She the most complex yet. 

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  • I brushed my hair today 😛 #hair #frizzy