You think you know pain, until you know more pain

Late night weirdness. Never really sure what I’m getting at until I er…get at it.

Dug up my mum’s old calligraphy practice (damn I love ink.)


no idea where all these new followers have come from but,


nice ta meet cha :D

Creating weird things because I have a project due tomorrow (involving photography) but procrastination is obviously more important. #ink #instaart #inksplats #inksplotch #portrait #blackink #blackandwhite #photography

One study actually showed higher rates of unemployment and lower rates of marriage in individuals with scoliosis.

am I the only person whose going WTF?

makes me feel reaaaal special right about now.

This week’s offering from critical studies class doodles #instaart #art #doodles #drawing #illustration #sleepy #animal #patterns #striped #blackandwhite

I may, I might, just possibly, explode today

First project of the year (hopefully) in its final stage. This one buggered me on the composition.

Been hearing a combination of noises in my room of late; only to find the cause was this intriguing little guy living in my paper stock. He didn’t seem to want to leave… #prayingmantis #jennifer #insect #green #paper

Current project. Completely digital. Will get a better picture at some point.

Reblog this if you have any pain or complications due to scoliosis


I want to see how many people out there are like me. I have chronic headaches from the tension caused by it and frequent back pain. I missed most of sixth grade because of it.

Hmmm. I was diagnosed at 13. Wore a brace until 18. Have almost no core strength so I cant sit up straight. Have mild nerve damage in my leg. Chronic pain. Limited range of movement in my arm. tactile hypersensitivity. And best of all: it never actually corrected my curve.

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anointing painful memories with ink

Erg. My hands are cramped. This is possibly the most random unthought thing I’ve done in a while.


(biggest fuck up. ever) (I and got reprimanded for it)